Making the last days count

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Climbing, Travel
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The climbing these past few days has been a bust, due to a combination of bad weather and unavailable vehicles. I’ve spent a lot of time resting in my room, watching movies, surfing the Internet, and making up the sleep debt that I’m still working on from college – this one will probably take me a few years. I’ve also spent a lot of time on the hangboard in the hostel lobby, all while daydreaming about the projects that I’m itching to get back on at the White Mountain.

There is no doubt that the climbing in 阳朔 (Yang Shuo) is completely world class. I’ve encountered features out here unlike anything I’ve seen before, from bowling ball pockets to tufas big enough to sit on. There is a lifetime of climbing to be experienced out here, and even more that hasn’t yet been developed. I hope that in the future, I can come back here with a drill, and perhaps contribute to the amazing amount of rock that I’ve been enjoying.

As good as 阳朔 is, every day I climb out here gives me a new respect for the crags of the Pacific Northwest, such as the fabled Smith Rocks and even Seattle’s own Little Si. Smith already has a reputation along with years of history, but I firmly believe that World Wall 1 could be dropped among the crags of 白山 (White Mountain), 月亮山 (Moon Hill), and it would fit right in. Climbs like Technorigine, Chronic, and Rainy Day Women enjoy as much quality as 阳朔 classics such as Yangshuo Hotel, China White, and Foreign Devils (.12b, .12b, .13c). I’m enjoying the climbing out here immensely, but at the same time it’s getting me ridiculously psyched to get back on my projects back home.

Home. I miss it. After being gone for 6 weeks, I’m starting to get quite homesick; I miss the comforts of Washington. I miss the snow capped mountains (even though limestone karst is a very good substitute), the swing dancing , the family and friends, and the sub-90 degree weather. And even though I believe that Chinese food is superior in all ways, the first thing I’m eating when I get home is the biggest plate of french fries I can find.

I’ve got two more days of climbing left, and I plan to make them count. Tomorrow, I’ll be heading back to 白山 where the cooler temps brought by the rain will hopefully help me send Yangshuo Hotel. On Sunday, I’ll make a visit to 月亮山 to check out the massive pitches under the arch, take a lot of photographs, and do my best to pull down on some holds. The on Monday, I’m on a plane to Singapore to visit my grandparents for a few days, before arriving back in Seattle on Thursday afternoon.

If anyone wants to throw me a party at the arrival gate in Sea-Tac, I’ll send you my flight information.


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